Funeral Protest Bill Revisited

February 20, 2009 | | Comments 0

If you’ve been a loved one who has had to drive past the fundamentalist protestors in your funeral cars, you will understand the importance of this proposed legislation. Nevada lawmakers have been trying to come to a decision about imposing restrictions on those funeral protestors that have been going around to various funerals and staging demonstrations. This isn’t an easy bill for them to introduce because free-speech proponents are against it while military advocates are pushing for it. “There is a proper time and place for political protest, and the gravesite of a fallen soldier is no such place,” said Assemblyman Lynn Stewart, a Republican from Henderson. His latest plan – AB1 – would make it a misdemeanor for protestors to get within 300 feet of a funeral , ceremony or memorial service if they intend to “impede, disrupt or interfere with the service.” “It’s really not too much to ask,” said Tim Tetz, an administrator at the Nevada Office of Veteran Services. He added that similar restrictions have been introduced and passed through the courts in other states as well. We’ll come back to this story next week and discuss what opponents of the proposed bill have to say about it. Until then, feel free to leave your thoughts about it below.

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