Funeral Car Races – The Best Way to Show Off Your Car?

November 13, 2016 | | Comments 0

Funeral CarWhen we think of race cars, vehicles such as Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Porsches generally come to mind. It is not often that we mentally connect hearses or limos with racing. After all, funeral cars are generally big, heavy vehicles that are purpose-built to carry heavy loads at a slow and sedate speed.

Nonetheless, funeral car enthusiasts are often eager to show off their vehicles.  If you are a funeral car owner who enjoys automobile racing, why not combine your interests?  Hearse racing offers the perfect opportunity for funeral car enthusiasts to show off the style – and power – of their cars and connect with other fans.

Some funeral car owners customize their cars dramatically for racing purposes, installing new engines and lowering the weight of the vehicles as far as possible. Extensive customization can result in a car that is ready to enter into a general amateur race. If you are not interested in rebuilding your car to this extent, however, it is still possible to hold your own in a race.

Dedicated hearse and limo races can be found across the globe. Many enter these races with stock or lightly customized funeral cars rather than those have been rebuilt for racing. Some races even require that the car be stock, with no modifications made at all.

To find a local hearse and limo race, check with the funeral car clubs in your area or search online. These events are often held as part of larger shows or Halloween festivities, and are sometimes designed to raise money for charity.

If you are not into racing but would still like to show off your funeral car, consider a road rally instead. Rallies rely primarily on navigational skills and critical thinking rather than speed, and are an excellent alternative to traditional racing. Whatever activity you choose, you will be able to show off your funeral car and network with other enthusiasts.

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