Five Little-Known Facts about Hearses

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pennsylvaniaYou’ve probably seen several hearses over the course of your lifetime. Most of them have probably been black, but you may have seen white ones and maybe even some gray ones. Here are some facts about hearses, the symbolism of the color and other things you may not have known about these funeral cars before.

• Hearses in western culture are generally black because that is the color that symbolizes mourning. Some funeral homes use white hearses to symbolize a “new life,” but white and gray hearses are rare.
• The term “hearse” has been used since the 1600s.
• Hearses in other cultures tend to be different colors. In eastern cultures, for example, white and gold hearses are common. They may also have lavish decorations.
• Hearses generally are not used to pick up corpses. A large cargo fan is typically used and the hearse is then used once the body is in a coffin.
• Hearses are built on the same platforms as luxury vehicles. Manufacturers reinforce the body and add a more powerful engine to accommodate the extra weight and stress and for the purposes of helping them last longer.

These are just a few facts about hearses and their mystique. You can learn more about them by going to local hearse dealerships and checking them out in person.

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