Eco-Friendly Hearses and Other Ways to Help the Planet Posthumously

September 17, 2008 | | Comments 0

As more and more people become eco-conscious and concerned about the planet, funeral homes are catering to those desires with eco-friendly hearses and other products.

In addition to eco-friendly funeral cars and hearses, many people who spell out their wishes before their death are choosing options to reduce their carbon footprint. The number of cremations has increased lately as people choose to have their ashes spread around trees and other living organisms instead of getting buried and taking up space.

Others are choosing other options for their burials. They choose to forego the stone headstones that you see in cemeteries today. Some have even considered getting buried half as deep as normal because it helps make the decomposition move along faster.

Funeral directors are noticing these and other trends. They are becoming so popular, in fact, that many seminars and industry conventions are focused on eco-funerals. One director in southern Australia is even working on creating “natural earth burial” in which thousands of bodies would be wrapped in biodegradable materials so they would contribute to the growth of the surroundings in the years to come. The graves would also have GPS coordinates so loved ones could locate them wit a satellite map.

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