Do Makers of Hearses Need a Bailout, Too?

January 12, 2009 | | Comments 0

You know there’s a recession afoot when the funeral industry starts to feel the pinch. “I don’t want to say it has not hurt funerals. It has,” said Clifford A. Greene about the recent economic problems. Greene is a licensed funeral director and funeral home owner. “People make choices based on economics today, more than their heartfelt feelings. Today, they have to make some tough decisions.”

This doesn’t mean the funeral industry is suffering from lack of business. People are still dying and they still need the services of a funeral home and director. It’s not going to slow down anytime soon, either, as analysts predict the death rate in the United States will increase from 0.093 percent to 0.109 percent in the next three decades.

However, they are foregoing some of the “extras,” such as funeral cars, Cadillac hearses, flowers and other things that once went hand-in-hand with a traditional funeral. Even Accubuilt, one of the main manufacturers of hearses, reported a 50 percent drop in sales for the fall quarter of 2008. That’s a big difference!

We’ll keep an eye on any developments that may occur in the auto and funeral industry so we can keep you updated.

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