Disputes Over Cost of Jackson Memorial and Funeral Cars

July 13, 2009 | | Comments 0

funeral carsNow that the Michael Jackson funeral and public memorial service have passed, the dispute over who should pay for the city’s services has begun. Who should pay for the security for the event? Who should pay for the motorcade that led the funeral cars from the private service to the public memorial? Should it be the city? Should it be the family? Or who should it be?

That’s the dispute occurring in Los Angeles right now. The city’s mayor – Antonio Villaraigosa – was livid to find out that his staff set up a website that asked people for donations to help the city foot the bill. Villaraigosa was out of town at the time and had no part in it. He did, however, have a hand in shutting the website down.

“This is a world-class city, and we provide fire and police protection, period,” he said when asked about the city paying for the costs of the funeral at a recent press conference. “The idea that we would charge the family for a funeral is nonsensical.”

The story gets even more interesting when you factor in other variables, such as the promotion group AEG putting on the event and selling tickets to it.

Who do you think should pay for the public memorial? The taxpayers, the family, the promotional group or private donations? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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