Can You Drive Hearses in the Carpool Lane?

November 17, 2008 | | Comments 0

Carpool lanes are available in several metropolitan cities across the country. They are a way to lessen the congestion and encourage people to share rides and use less fuel. But many people often wonder: Can you drive hearses in the carpool lane if there is just the driver and a body in the back?

The simple answer to this question is “no.” You are not allowed to drive hearses or funeral cars in the carpool lane if the driver is the only living person in the vehicle. In fact, it doesn’t even work if a pregnant woman is driving in the carpool lane with only herself and the fetus that is inside her. Let’s look at the reasons why this doesn’t jibe with the rules of the carpool lane.

The law generally states that the other person in the car (along with the driver) must occupy a “separate and distinct” part of the vehicle. This rules out the pregnant woman that tries to justify driving in the carpool lane by herself. However, the law in states with these “diamond lanes” also says that at least one other occupant must be physically able to drive. As a result, babies, mannequins, puppies and yes, even corpses, do not count as a second justifiable occupant when driving in the carpool lane.

So keep your hearses out of the carpool lane. Some states levy fines of $350 and even more. That’s just too much to pay so you can get somewhere a few minutes earlier.

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