Vintage Hearses are very cool

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Funerals have changed a lot over the hundreds of years they have been around and so have the hearses and funeral cars used in them. Each month here on the Heritage Coach blog, we will bring you pictures and stories about some of these awesome creations and designs. Some may be a little strange, but people have wanted different things during different periods of time.

vintage hearse


Beautiful in gray from the 1950’s.

Hearses really have changed a lot haven’t they? I find hearses from the 50’s some of the most beautiful hearses ever made.


1937 Packard 12 Art Carved Hearse


Going back another 20 years, the 1937 Packard 12 Art Carved Hearse, with it’s beautiful curtained windows is still a show piece today.


1927 Henney Hearse Dv-09



The 1920’s were different. There was no mass production for hearses. The demand was too small. Hearses like this 1927 Henney had to be hand made by craftsmen.


We will be bringing you more vintage hearses each month. In the meantime, check out what Heritage Coach has to offer today.

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