10 Cool Customized Hearses

May 31, 2015 | | Comments 0

While most choose traditional hearse options there are many cool customized hearses on the road today. While many of these would never be used in a traditional funeral, they definitely grab your attention.

Let’s kick it off with the Bears Hearse.

Da Bears Hearse

For Die-Hard Fans

Chicago Bears Hearse

Motorcycle Hearse

For the Motorcycle Enthusiast

Motorcycle Hearse

The Gothic Hearse

From the Mad Max set

Gothic Hearse

The Drag Racing Hearse

Do you want to race?

Drag Racing Hearse

Bicycle Hearse

Great on Fuel

Bicycle Hearse

Sidcare Hearse

This is pretty slick

Sidecare Hearse

The Hearse Camper


Hearse Camper

Hot Rod Hearse

When you need to get there fast

Hot Rod Hearse in Purple

Off Road Hearse

Tough Terrain, no problem

Off Road Hearse

Toyota Prius Hearse

Is this for real?

Toyota Prius Hearse

Images via Complex

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