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If You Want a Hearse for Halloween - Book NOW

If You Want a Hearse for Halloween – Book NOW

The holidays run a whole lot smoother when you prepare ahead of time.  Just like you’ll plan your menu and guest lists for Thanksgiving or Christmas, you should also be thinking ahead when it comes to Halloween.  These days, people love going all out for what is fast becoming America’s favorite fun holiday.  It seems […]

Hearse Clubs - the Perfect Option for Funeral Car Fans!

Hearse Clubs – the Perfect Option for Funeral Car Fans!

Cars have become a very important part of modern society. From subcompacts to SUVs to exotic sports cars, each style of vehicle has a loyal band of supporters. Showing off our cars and meeting others who share our interest is an extremely common means of bonding. Therefore, car clubs can be found for virtually any […]

1941 Packard

10 Unique Vintage Funeral Cars

Let’s take a walk down memory lane. These unique vintage funeral cars exude a style and flair that will stop you in your tracks. The funeral cars featured below include: Lincoln, Lorraine, Packard, Pontiac and Sayer and Scovill Most of these hearses have been restored and resold via auctions throughout the years. 1941 Lincoln V-12 […]

1957 Cadillac Imperial Sedan by Fleetwood

10 Vintage Funeral Cars from Cadillac

The manufacturing of petrol-driven began in 1909 in the United States. Cadillac started building hearses in 1916 and remain a major player in the industry today. Cadillac created a “commercial chassis” which is a stronger version of the long-wheelbase Fleetwood limousine. The commercial chassis allows for extra weight of the body, cargo and rear deck. […]


10 Unique Vintage Hearse Photos

These 10 unique vintage hearses are like no vehicles you’ve ever seen before. The photos below include hearses from Packard, Cadillac, Reo, Henney and Cunningham. They all embody great detail and personality. The 1941 Cadillac Carved Panel shown last is a complete work of art. The 1916 Packard Funeral Bus The 1919 Reo Funeral Coach […]

Classic Hearse Tall

13 Cool Vintage Hearse Photographs

The first motorized hearses were produced in 1909. Prior to that hearses were horse-drawn. It wasn’t until 1920 that motorized hearses become more mainstream. Early on, some hearses also doubled as ambulances because of the large capacity in the back of the vehicle. The majority of hearses in North America are Cadillac’s and Lincoln’s. Mercedes-Benz, […]

Blue Cadillac Carved-Panel Hearse

Vintage Hearse: 1939 Cadillac Carved-Panel Hearse

The 1939 Cadillac Carved-Panel Hearse was produced by Sayers and Scovill. Sayers & Scovill, also known as The S&S Coach Company, was founded in 1876. At the turn of the 20th century the funeral coach business was thriving. The fierce competition at the time helped generate high standards of craftsmanship and design. At the turn […]