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Funeral car electronics repairs

Future Hearse Mechanics Will Be Electronics Engineers

Auto mechanics, including hearse and funeral car mechanics, are going back to school to be trained in auto electronics. It makes a lot of sense when you think about it. New funeral car technologies are turning hearses and coaches into electronic machinery. Some of the latest technologies that are based on electronics and not mechanics […]

new auto technologies for funeral cars

In-Car Technologies For Your Funeral Fleet

In-car technologies are abounding. And funeral cars aren’t being left out. A recent article highlights 10 emerging auto technologies that almost every auto maker is adding to factory roll outs and that funeral companies can look forward to as well. Some of the technologies are ubiquitous while others may not seem necessary inside a funeral […]

safer funeral car driving with gps tracking

Teach Your Hearse Drivers With GPS

Parents are now using GPS tracking to teach their teens to be better drivers. But the good news for funeral directors is you can use the same technology to teach your funeral car and hearse drivers to become better drivers. Many insurance companies offer incentives to the insured just for installing GPS tracking on their […]

in-car wireless networking technology for funeral cars

Coming Soon: In-Car Networking For Your Hearse

In the 1980s and 1990s, Cisco networked our homes and our businesses. We let them because we trusted them, and they proved themselves worthy of that trust. Now, they want to network your funeral car. Cisco’s plan would do away with a lot of the wiring currently running through your funeral cars – and funeral […]

funeral cars and automobile computer viruses

Save Your Funeral Coaches From Viruses

Computers get viruses. Cars have computers. Can they get viruses too? Yes, the verdict is out. It’s possible that automobiles can get viruses. After all, they use the same technology that cell phones and Bluetooth devices use. Therefore, they are capable of being hacked. It’s important for funeral directors to understand that auto viruses are […]

regular funeral car maintenance will make your fleet last longer

5 Ways To Make Your Funeral Car Last Longer

If you are looking for ways to make your funeral car last longer, there is good news for you. These simple technologies will go a long way to helping you take better care of each funeral car in you fleet. A back seat shelf – If you let your passengers destroy your funeral cars by […]

Even funeral service companies are driving older cars for longer.

Driving Older Funeral Cars?

Funeral companies typically buy newer vehicles on average a lot more often than other drivers. That’s because funeral cars get used more often and wear out sooner. But the recent trend is to keep funeral cars in the fleet longer and many funeral directors are keeping their older funeral cars longer. Why? One reason could […]

Safe funeral car driving with hands-free remote control

Apple Encourages Hands-Free Driving For Funeral Cars

On-the-road driving is changing, even for funeral directors. There is the advance in technology that allows drivers to play around with their Bluetooth devices, iPads, and other handheld technologies. These technologies pose a danger to drivers on the road. Many people are causing accidents. To encourage safer driving, many states are passing laws against the […]

funeral car death of film

Funeral Car Used To Transport Film

All around the world every day funeral cars are used to transport the bodies of deceased persons in a service meant to honor their lives and contributions to their societies. It’s a fitting thing to do as a show of respect for life itself. But what if a funeral car was used to transport non-living […]

solar roadways and funeral cars

Are We Ready For Solar Funeral Processions?

Let’s dream a little. Someday funeral directors may be leading processions through city streets and rural byways on solar roadways. But what would that look like exactly? First, it’s important to understand that, according to the solar roadway inventor, this scenario does more than provide funeral car drivers with a new system of road. It […]