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21st century funeral cars and the mobility internet

21st Century Hearse: What Will Future Funeral Cars Look Like?

What will the next incarnation of the funeral car look like? Authors William Mitchell, Christopher Borroni-Bird, and Lawrence Burns believe they know. A new book describes what they call the “mobility internet,” and the implications for the funeral car business are incredible. For starters, this trio are suggesting that all cars, funeral hearses included, will […]

funeral cars with rearview cameras

Rearview Camera: Coming To A Funeral Car Near You

The rearview camera has been declared the auto technology of the year for 2013. All the auto manufacturers are incorporating this new technology, and you might think that your funeral car fleet doesn’t need it, but think again. Rearview cameras do more than just show drivers what’s behind them. Auto makers are also tying all […]

funeral car adaptive headlights

Innovations In Funeral Car Headlights

For the longest time, funeral directors got excited when they test drove a hearse or funeral car with wig wag headlights, but it’s been a long time since there have been real innovation to headlights in funeral cars. Until now. We could talk about LED technology, but that would be slightly boring. After all, light-emitting […]

funeral car fuel efficiency

How To Increase Funeral Car Fuel Efficiency

An interesting article about the auto start-stop feature got me to thinking about fuel efficiency in funeral cars. In a day when gas prices are hitting near $4 per gallon or more, fuel economy is becoming an increasingly more important concern for all drivers. It should also be an important concern for funeral directors. When […]

self-driving funeral cars

Is It Time For A Self-Driving Funeral Car?

State after state is passing laws to address the inevitability of self-driving cars. In fact, three states – Florida, California, and Nevada – have allowed testing of such vehicles on their roadways. Michigan is conducting a survey to determine whether a test of self-driving cars should be done in their state. Say what you will, […]

funeral car co-pilot via robitics

Does Your Funeral Car Need A Co-pilot?

If technological innovators have their way you may have a robot co-pilot for each funeral car in your fleet. Maybe not tomorrow, but someday soon. Researchers at MIT have developed what they are calling a “semiautonomous safety system” for cars. From the looks of things, the system could work in any type of automobile, even […]

Verizon is pushing for 4G LTE in-dash technology on new vehicles.

Does Your Funeral Car Need 4G LTE?

What if you could purchase a new funeral car with 4G LTE technology? Would that make you want to discuss finance options? Verizon is certainly hoping so. The global communications company is wanting to push its 4G technology into the dashboards of new automobiles. But do automakers or consumers want 24/7 4G LTE in-dash technology? […]

Recycle your funeral car for scrap metal

How To Recycle Your Funeral Car

If you are in the market for buying a new funeral car, instead of trading in the old junk you are ready to trash, why not recycle it instead? A company called Cash For Cars Quick takes old vehicles and recycles them into scrap metal. That’s a novel concept. Statistics show that 14 million cars […]

Rolls Royce luxury funeral car Phantom Hearse

The Most Luxurious Funeral Car Ever

There is absolutely nothing wrong with luxury in a funeral car. Talk to anyone with a family member they love and you are sure to find that they consider that person to be luxury-worthy. Who isn’t? Well, recently, Biemme Special Cars has built the most luxurious funeral car ever. And it’s built using a Rolls […]

hearse funeral car Lincoln distracted driving

Does In-Dash Funeral Car Technology Distract Drivers?

Imagine getting into your funeral car or hearse and typing in the address of a cemetery you’ve never been to before on your in-dash GPS unit. Up on your touchscreen monitor pops a map and directions for getting to the cemetery from your funeral home. Does that constitute a driving hazard? According to the U.S. […]