Is It Time For A Self-Driving Funeral Car?

August 10, 2012 | | Comments 0

self-driving funeral carsState after state is passing laws to address the inevitability of self-driving cars. In fact, three states – Florida, California, and Nevada – have allowed testing of such vehicles on their roadways. Michigan is conducting a survey to determine whether a test of self-driving cars should be done in their state.

Say what you will, but we’re just a few years away from auto buyers being able to purchase a self-driving vehicle and putting it on the road. This ranks right up there with auto co-pilots.

The promise is that self-driving vehicles will lower the cost of insurance and reduce the number of automobile accidents. But will it lower the cost of funeral services?

This is prescient question. Even more prescient is, what will become of the funeral procession if it is led by a self-driving funeral car?

How long will it be before auto buyers begin to purchase self-driving vehicles en masse? Will funeral directors join the throng? Would you let your loved ones ride in the back of a self-driving funeral car? If so, would you follow behind?

This takes the idea of a self-driving vehicle to a new level. Someday, funeral directors may be able to pre-plan a funeral car’s trip by in-dash GPS and program their funeral vehicles to transport caskets and family members automatically – without a human driver. And that day may be sooner than you think.

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