Rearview Camera: Coming To A Funeral Car Near You

November 16, 2012 | | Comments 0

funeral cars with rearview camerasThe rearview camera has been declared the auto technology of the year for 2013. All the auto manufacturers are incorporating this new technology, and you might think that your funeral car fleet doesn’t need it, but think again.

Rearview cameras do more than just show drivers what’s behind them. Auto makers are also tying all the other digital technologies into them for a complete driver experience.

For instance, adaptive cruise control and automatic headlights are two emerging technologies that are being incorporated into and controlled by rearview cameras. Other new technologies being added to the rearview camera control group include:

  • Intelligent high beams
  • Forward-collision warning systems
  • Blind spot monitoring
  • Lane departure alert

It turns out that the rearview camera is being used as a controlling mechanism for other useful technologies, all of which can benefit funeral car drivers. That’s why you might ask your funeral car dealer to install a rearview camera on your next fleet addition.

Rearview cameras have been in use in automobiles since 1956 when the first camera was installed in a Buick Centurion Motoroma. The AARP has started recommending rearview cameras for senior drivers due to its implications for safety and security. I highly recommend it for funeral directors and funeral car fleets as well.

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