How To Recycle Your Funeral Car

May 28, 2012 | | Comments 0

If you are in the market for buying a new funeral car, instead of trading in the old junk you are ready to trash, why not recycle it instead?

A company called Cash For Cars Quick takes old vehicles and recycles them into scrap metal.

That’s a novel concept.

Statistics show that 14 million cars a year are scrapped. And some of those cars can bring their owners a pretty hefty payday.

Cash For Cars Quick pays $100 to $600 for the average vehicle. But larger SUVs can command more than that. I can only guess how much a limousine or funeral car can bring. I’d say they should bring in more than the average car since funeral cars tend to be luxury vehicles with a lot of metal in the body and other parts.

Recycle your funeral car for scrap metalThe recycling company takes the good parts off the vehicle and puts them back into the market. But the scrap metal from the car goes to the recycling bin to be used in other ways – for building materials, more cars, and other manufacturing needs.

So if you’re wondering what you should do with your old funeral cars that are ready to retire, try recycling. You could very well earn a down payment for your next funeral car.

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