How To Increase Funeral Car Fuel Efficiency

September 20, 2012 | | Comments 0

funeral car fuel efficiencyAn interesting article about the auto start-stop feature got me to thinking about fuel efficiency in funeral cars. In a day when gas prices are hitting near $4 per gallon or more, fuel economy is becoming an increasingly more important concern for all drivers. It should also be an important concern for funeral directors.

When you consider that funeral cars are constantly starting and stopping in traffic, this is very important to talk about.

You park your funeral car, then drive it around to where the pall bearers will load it with a casket. From there you drive to the cemetery. From the funeral home to the cemetery you will undoubtedly stop and restart your vehicle several times – at stop lights, stop signs, in traffic, etc. The auto start-stop feature can increase your fuel efficiency.

The way this feature works is, when you sit idle in your funeral car for more than a few seconds, the vehicle’s engine shuts off. When you accelerate again it restarts. The engine shutting off and coming back on like this will save your fuel.

With Ford Motor Company offering this feature as an option for less than $300, I think this could spell a new direction for the auto industry as a whole, even funeral cars. If consumers will pay for fuel efficiency, Ford will prove it. What about you? Do you think funeral directors will pay for greater fuel efficiency? Will you?

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