Does Your Funeral Car Need 4G LTE?

June 15, 2012 | | Comments 0

Verizon is pushing for 4G LTE in-dash technology on new vehicles.What if you could purchase a new funeral car with 4G LTE technology? Would that make you want to discuss finance options?

Verizon is certainly hoping so.

The global communications company is wanting to push its 4G technology into the dashboards of new automobiles. But do automakers or consumers want 24/7 4G LTE in-dash technology? It depends on who you ask.

Many automakers currently rely on consumers bringing in their own mobile technology to the driving experience. Cadillac is just one vehicle manufacturer that offers mobile apps for smartphone users. In-dash technology would change the way that these smartphone users interact with their automobiles. With 4G LTE in-dash technology, mobile connectivity would be an always-on never-turn-it-off feature.

Some automakers are resisting, but Verizon is sponsoring a 4G mobile connectivity forum for the auto industry.

Would this technology benefit funeral directors? I don’t see why not. It could allow your passengers the ability to communicate with their loved ones farther back in the procession while moving from the funeral home to the gravesite. Or it could allow your funeral car driver a way to communicate with personnel back at the funeral home while in transit.

Verizon could have its 4G technology in dashes in a year or two. Partnerships with automakers have already developed.

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