Does Your Funeral Car Need A Co-pilot?

July 13, 2012 | | Comments 0

funeral car co-pilot via robiticsIf technological innovators have their way you may have a robot co-pilot for each funeral car in your fleet. Maybe not tomorrow, but someday soon.

Researchers at MIT have developed what they are calling a “semiautonomous safety system” for cars. From the looks of things, the system could work in any type of automobile, even funeral cars.

The robotic system is based on an onboard camera and laser rangefinder. These are used to look for obstacles in the vehicle’s path. The co-pilot allows the driver to control the vehicle while ensuring the driver doesn’t hit anything.

What makes the automobile co-pilot robot so different from similar systems is that it doesn’t rely on the vehicle following a predetermined path. The camera and laser rangefinder search for obstacles, then steer the vehicle away from them. But they don’t require the driver to give up control.

Researchers claim the co-pilot system is less costly than an autopilot system. And they also noted that drivers who trust the system perform better than those who don’t.

After 1,200 test runs there have been few accidents and most of them have been due to a glitch in the camera system that failed to pick up on obstacles.

So how soon is your funeral company away from adding funeral cars to your fleet with a robotic co-pilot? It’s anyone’s guess, but it could be sooner than you think.

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