Auto Insurance Prices for Hybrid Funeral Cars

May 28, 2011 | | Comments 0

Auto insurance companies are still determining how to price out insurance premiums for hybrid funeral cars. Comparing these drivers and vehicles to their gas-powered counterparts poses a challenge because there isn’t an apples-to-apples comparison. Hybrid and electric vehicle drivers, and their cars, are a different class of vehicle.

For instance, since most electric vehicles are smaller than gas-powered ones and since it is a typical practice for insurance companies to charge higher premiums for smaller vehicles, many insurance companies are charging electric car owners more for their auto insurance. And while not all hybrids are small, they are being bundled in the same category as electric vehicle when it comes to pricing insurance premiums.

While differences are challenging, the similarities are pretty obvious. Both electric vehicle drivers and gas-powered vehicle drivers require liability and full coverage options. Other options such as personal injury, hospital coverage, and uninsured motorist also make insurance comparisons for the different types of vehicles a necessary consideration.

Hybrid and electric vehicles are not yet a mainstream option (though they are approaching the mainstream). For that reason, drivers may find it difficult to find an insurance provider that offers policies for non-gas-powered vehicles. This makes your responsibility as a driver even more difficult. If you are a green-conscious funeral director offering a hybrid funeral car to your clientele, then you’ll likely have to shop around for an insurance provider that covers your vehicle with an appropriate insurance plan, and that is competitive in price. Hopefully, insurance coverage for hybrid vehicles will become more commonplace and more affordable in the future.

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