A 4-Step Process To Buying Auto Insurance For Your Hearse

August 24, 2011 | | Comments 0

Buying auto insurance for a funeral car can be intimidating. Does your insurance carrier even provide coverage for funeral cars? If so, are there discounts? What is the process for purchasing insurance for a hearse?

In a word, it’s not a lot different than buying auto insurance for any other car. Here is a 4-step process to shopping for auto insurance for your hearse:

  1. Determine how much insurance you need to carry. You’re likely going to need more than liability, although liability is a must. You’ll be driving your hearse on the public roads and taking your life, your customers’ lives, and other drivers into your hands. But you’ll also need your own vehicle covered as well. Otherwise, an accident could put you out of business.
  2. Review your driving record and current policy. If anyone in your funeral company has a bad driving record, and particularly if they’ll be driving your hearse, then that could increase your coverage premiums. You’ll also need to decide what additional coverage you’ll need. For instance, uninsured motorist might be a good idea.
  3. Search for discounts. Anything you can do to get the lowest price on your insurance will only be money in your pocket.
  4. Compare quotes. Call more than one insurance company. See if you can find an insurer that specializes in hearses. At any rate, you’ll want the cheapest auto insurance with the best coverage. Shop around.
Buying auto insurance for a hearse is just like shopping for insurance for any other vehicle. There’s more to think about than just the cost.

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