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Funeral Homes Use Google Analytics to Track Local Search Results

Last month we published an article talking about the opportunity that funeral home owners and funeral directors have in attracting more local search traffic to their website by optimizing their sites with local keywords and keyword phrases. Local search is a hugely underused tactic by all businesses, but especially funeral homes. We provided some simple […]

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Funeral Homes Use Local Search Terms to Drive Traffic to Their Websites

In order to be a successful business in 2013, no matter what industry you are in, you need to have a sound online marketing strategy. A huge part of that online strategy should involve search engine optimization. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process by which website owners optimize their websites with various terms (keywords […]

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Funeral Homes Online Newspaper

As we continue to look for new ways to educate the funeral home industry around areas such as marketing for funeral home owners, ways to generate additional revenue, etc. we have come up with an idea that we think will become an extremely valuable tool for funeral home owners and funeral directors. Last month the […]

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Funeral Homes Help Local Parents on Halloween

Last month we wrote about the idea of converting your funeral home into a safe place for trick-or-treating. This month we are going to keep our focus on the upcoming Halloween holiday since it provides such a great marketing opportunity for funeral homes and talk about helping out in your local community on Halloween night. […]

Convert Your Funeral Home into a Safe Place for Trick-or-Treaters this Halloween

Convert Your Funeral Home into a Safe Place for Trick-or-Treaters this Halloween

In my opinion, the funeral home business is directly tied into the surrounding community and how integrated the funeral home is. The more funeral home owners and funeral directors get integrated into the surrounding community, the more business they will receive as a result. When it comes to funerals, people don’t need any extra stress. […]

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Funeral Homes Sponsor Haunted Hayrides and Haunted Houses for Halloween Marketing

Can you believe that Halloween 2012 is right around the corner? Yes I know we have a solid three months before Devils Night, but as you know, it’s going to fly by and Halloween will be here before we know it. When it comes to marketing your Funeral Home, Funeral Home Directors must tread lightly […]