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Stacy Jo reports on vehicles, shows, events, activities, local life, etc. She is pretty straight forward and she helps AC Jones with some of his stuff too.

Funeral car electronics repairs

Future Hearse Mechanics Will Be Electronics Engineers

Auto mechanics, including hearse and funeral car mechanics, are going back to school to be trained in auto electronics. It makes a lot of sense when you think about it. New funeral car technologies are turning hearses and coaches into electronic machinery. Some of the latest technologies that are based on electronics and not mechanics […]

21st century funeral cars and the mobility internet

21st Century Hearse: What Will Future Funeral Cars Look Like?

What will the next incarnation of the funeral car look like? Authors William Mitchell, Christopher Borroni-Bird, and Lawrence Burns believe they know. A new book describes what they call the “mobility internet,” and the implications for the funeral car business are incredible. For starters, this trio are suggesting that all cars, funeral hearses included, will […]

new auto technologies for funeral cars

In-Car Technologies For Your Funeral Fleet

In-car technologies are abounding. And funeral cars aren’t being left out. A recent article highlights 10 emerging auto technologies that almost every auto maker is adding to factory roll outs and that funeral companies can look forward to as well. Some of the technologies are ubiquitous while others may not seem necessary inside a funeral […]

funeral cars with rearview cameras

Rearview Camera: Coming To A Funeral Car Near You

The rearview camera has been declared the auto technology of the year for 2013. All the auto manufacturers are incorporating this new technology, and you might think that your funeral car fleet doesn’t need it, but think again. Rearview cameras do more than just show drivers what’s behind them. Auto makers are also tying all […]

safer funeral car driving with gps tracking

Teach Your Hearse Drivers With GPS

Parents are now using GPS tracking to teach their teens to be better drivers. But the good news for funeral directors is you can use the same technology to teach your funeral car and hearse drivers to become better drivers. Many insurance companies offer incentives to the insured just for installing GPS tracking on their […]

funeral car adaptive headlights

Innovations In Funeral Car Headlights

For the longest time, funeral directors got excited when they test drove a hearse or funeral car with wig wag headlights, but it’s been a long time since there have been real innovation to headlights in funeral cars. Until now. We could talk about LED technology, but that would be slightly boring. After all, light-emitting […]

in-car wireless networking technology for funeral cars

Coming Soon: In-Car Networking For Your Hearse

In the 1980s and 1990s, Cisco networked our homes and our businesses. We let them because we trusted them, and they proved themselves worthy of that trust. Now, they want to network your funeral car. Cisco’s plan would do away with a lot of the wiring currently running through your funeral cars – and funeral […]

2012 S&S Cadillac Victoria Commercial Glass

Auto Review: 2012 S&S Cadillac Victoria Commercial Glass

If you are looking for traditional elegance, style, and comfort to add to your funeral car fleet, then look no further than the 2012 S&S Cadillac Victoria Commercial Glass. Sayers & Scovill have been making funeral hearses since 1876. They’ve got it down to an art and the Cadillac Victoria is the perfect example of […]

funeral car fuel efficiency

How To Increase Funeral Car Fuel Efficiency

An interesting article about the auto start-stop feature got me to thinking about fuel efficiency in funeral cars. In a day when gas prices are hitting near $4 per gallon or more, fuel economy is becoming an increasingly more important concern for all drivers. It should also be an important concern for funeral directors. When […]

funeral cars and automobile computer viruses

Save Your Funeral Coaches From Viruses

Computers get viruses. Cars have computers. Can they get viruses too? Yes, the verdict is out. It’s possible that automobiles can get viruses. After all, they use the same technology that cell phones and Bluetooth devices use. Therefore, they are capable of being hacked. It’s important for funeral directors to understand that auto viruses are […]